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Microsoft New Technologies Amazes your Mind, You can imagine , type of computer as a future computer tech.

Now The Brain Can Drive Your Car ,Again Germans Top Engineering Began to Search some amazing Idea but after Half Prototype completed An  american can Take This Idea.Sony

How To Learn Computer ?  
It is a common argument that Linux will never make it mainstream because everybody already knows windows. It has been said that because everybody knows windows that there is nobody to teach them Linux. Ipso facto, nobody will learn Linux because there is nobody around to show them how to use Linux. What a load of bovine back end fertiliser. What people are referring to is that the uptake of Linux is a chicken and egg problem.
 More How did we learn to use our computers?
Revolution Of Operating System.
An operating system is a program, pure and simply put it is a system interface between the hardware and user space programs. Put in terms of a sandwich (yes, yes, I know but I am hungry :) The hardware is the bottom slice of bread. The operating system is the various sandwich fillings and the user space programs are the top slice of bread. Depending on the selection of fillings in your operating system sandwich you can have a very tasty concoction indeed (cue Pavlov conditioned mouth drooling More ClickThe (r)evolution of operating systems.
Open Source Helping The Children.
The children today have it lucky. I probably sound like I have one foot in the grave with that line but I still think that you are only as old as you feel. I would like to feel twenty year olds but my wife has different ideas :) Hrmph, hmmm, back to the subject.More Click Open source, helping the children of the future.

Make your Own VMware View Thin Client in 30 Minutes
When re purposing your desktops as a thin client – most users choose to keep a base windows image or replace it with a thin os to get you to your view desktop (ex. VDIBlaster). Both of these cost $, but a new free approach that is easy to do with the instructions below is to make your own thin client. The use of Meego, a very user friendly Linux distribution, combined with the VMware View open Client allows for a free(if you have old hardware) and fast do it yourself thin client. Just follow the instructions here
Computer Troma Center: Anonymity Proxy Servers

What is IPS Panel Technology

IPS Panel offer a vivid & clear motion picture for 2D and 3D due to fast & stable respnse time of LIquid crystal
and a Smart Driving Technology of itself.

No color change or distortion from-many viewing angle. IPS panel displays accurate and consisted color form Andy
vieing angles.

To take over the Markets of LCD tv in china, Lg display advertizes IPS as IPS ingping focusing on the excellent restoring
force of liquid crystal and no afterim age even at hte screen touches.

What is IPS ? 

Cloud New Microsoft Tech
Thought Leaders in the Cloud: Talking with Todd Papaioannou, VP of Architecture, Cloud Computing Group at Yahoo - ITinsights - Site Home - TechNet Blogs


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