Blue(Blu-ray) Ray Disk

Blue Ray disk aware that it is an optical disk storage medium can store a large amount of data.The disc can enable recording,rewriting and playback of high definition videos(HD). but still some missing  ….!

Why Blu-Ray > name derived from the The Technology ,which utilizes a BLUE LASER To Read and Write data.

    1. Blu-ray is not a mistake, The character “e”was advertently dropped so that the term could be registered as a trademark.
    2. It can store five time more capacity of traditional DVD.
    3. single layer disc can hold 25GB and dual layer disk 50GB of data.(9h of HD videos and 23h of SD videos)
    4. The Blu-ray disc shows high definition movies up to full HD 1080p resolution (DVD 480p).


why internet Connection speed is low ?

first your connection speed may be lower than what is advertised by your internet connection provider.due to several reasons.

  • Shared Bandwidth : peak hours subscribers will have a much lower bandwidth allocated
  • Bandwidth allocation between several machines our users on the same connection .
  • application and processes on your computer can continually using up bandwidth  .


What is BitLocker Drive in Windows 7

so , simple BitLocker to protect all files stored on removable data drives (Include Externals and internal Drives).It is Encryption programs  to protect all files stored on the drive .

it will help you from Hackers.

you can say that it will block hackers from accessing the file system files .

how Bit locker can Work ?

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When you add new files to a drive that is encrypted with Bitlocker, BitLoker encrypts them automatically .

Files remain encrypted only while they are stored in in the encrypted drive.

Files copied to another drive or computer are decrypted .

if you share files with other users, such as through a network, these files are encrypted while stored on the encrypted drive.but can be accessed normally by authored users.

To turn on bitlocker

Go to Control panel > click on > Bitlocker icon > and turn on /off what ‘s your choice


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Telnet Commands in Windows 7


Command for Telnet Clients.

  1. open or o  : Establish a telnet connection with host computer or server.Ex. o nj44 .
  2. close or c  : close an existing telnet connection.(It can be combined with host  name and port number). c nj44.
  3. display : View the current setting for Telnet clients.
  4. quit or q :  Exit from Telnet.
  5. set : Setting the terminal type for the connection. turn on local echo,set authentication to NTLM,Set the escape character, and set up logging.
  6. unset : Turn  off local echo or set authentication for the logon or password prompt.
  7. status : Determine whether telnet client is connected.
  8. Ctrl + ] : Move to the Telnet command prompt from a connected session.
  9. Enter : Go to the connected Session .
  10. ? /help : help information.


What is Core Data ?(programing,Framework)

we are talking about core data programing not core processor , so you could understand core processor some little bit.Core data framework provides generalized and automated solutions to common tasks associated with object life cycle and object graph management, including persistence.


Core data Features are :

  • Change tracking and undo support,
  • Relationship maintenance
  • futures
  • Automatic validation of property values.
  • Schema migration
  • Optional integration with the application controller layer to support user interface synchronization.(NsFetchedResultsController object on iOS and integrates with COCOA bindings on MAC OS X.)
  • Full, automatic support for key value coding and key value observing.
  • Grouping,filtering and organizing data in memory and in the user interface.
  • Automatic support for storing objects in external data repositories.
  • sophisticated query compilation.
  • Merge polices.

What core Data is not ?

Core data is not relational database or relational database management system(RDBMS)

Core data is not a silver bullet.

Core data does not rely on cocoa bindings.


Framework What it is ?

So, Some of us can notice that Error like Framework 2….. needed for this application . Download from net.

what is framework ? Framework is a bundle (structured directory) that contains a dynamic shared library along with associated resources (nib,image files and header file,header file,and reference documentation in a single package.

Thread (OS), Multithreading

Each OS is made up one or more threads,Which represents a single path of execution through the application code.

Each application start with a single thread.(main function ).

Application can spawn additional Threads ,each of which executes the code of a specific function.

When an application spawns a new thread that thread becomes an independent entity inside of the application space,

Each thread is independent (own stack) .

A threads can communicate with each other process , perform I/O operations , and do anything else you might need it to do.


Thread is used to refer to a separate path of execution of code.

Process is running executable, which can encompass multiple threads.

Task is the abstract concept of work that needs to be performed.


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