Useful Dos Commands

COPY    Make a copy of file or Merge files together.

                COPY original file DESTINATION FILE

    where original file and destination file are file name separated by a space.

     The command can be used to merge several file into one file like

       COPY nj1 + nj2 systemctc

       would copy nj1 and nj2 into systemctc

               Note : file names used in the command must  include the file extension if it exists. so if you were copying a nj.doc you need to include .doc extension in the filename.




DEL :   Delete file



            DEL  filename


           Where filename is the name of the file to be deleted.

DIR :   Obtain a list of the files stored in a directory

             if used without options this command will give a list of files in the current directory.including any extension and size.

           if used with the option /P



                 as  DIR /p

                 the same information will be displayed a page by page with the message.


                 if     DIR/w

                   the listing is of names and extensions only and in a more compact format across the page.


DISKCOPY      Take a security copy of your working disk


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