The leap motion

I just really amaze . the leap is absolutely great. So , what is leap ? nothing but it can change the peripheral future next years . so how , and what is leap .

The leap is a small Ipad sized usb peripheral that creates 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet to precisely interact with and control software on your desktop and laptop computers.

Amazing what “The leap senses your individual hand and finger movements independently as well as items like a pen and more sensitive than touch screen products .

The leap technologies requirements , Windows 7/8 or mac OS x.

systemctc salute new tech . article from the The leapmotion side


Manual process to Removal New folder.exe virus

first search autorun.inf file. it is read only file so you will have to change it to normal . how select right clicking the file  . select the properties and un-check the read only option

  • Open the file in notepad(right click and select edit) and delete everything and save the file
  • Now change the file status back to the read only mode so virus could not get access again.
  • Go to start –> run and type msconfig and click ok
  • go to startup tab look for regsvr and uncheck the option click ok.
  • click on exit without restart, cause there are still new things we need to do before we can restart the pc.
  • now go to control panel –> scheduled tasks , and delete the Ati task listed their




go to start –> run and type gpedi.msc and click ok

go to user configuration->administrative templates->system

find “prevent access to registry editing tools '” and change the option to disable.

once you do this you have registry access back.




click on start-> run and type regedit and click ok

go to edit->find and start the search for regsvr.exe

delete all the occurrence of regsvr.exe , remember to take backup (do not delete regsvr32.exe) delete regsvr.exe occurrence only


Window 7 Problems systemctc recommend

problems like slow browsing, wait  for nothing  etc , so what ‘s problems

1 . Your computer has a lot’s of unnecessary  register file.
2. you are using lots of graphics item for nothing (like widget,animated wallpaper,mouse icon, etc) .
3. startup problem, shutdown problems .

what you have to do is  use software like regedit, Advanced system care , register repair etc . software can easily remove some bug from the your computer that harem your pc.
I recommend Advanced system care  , it’s easy to remove registry and temp file

all the software are there owner I used only for example


Wolf - 150 x 150