Online Safety Tips

  • Never Reveal Personally identifiable information online.
  • Never share your password with other people (except your parents).
  • Never arrange meeting with strangers.
  • Don’t believe everything you read or see online.
  • Don’t download files or software without your parent’s permission.
  • Don’t respond to inappropriate messages or emails.
  • Don’t post inappropriate content.
                If you post information about tennis,you will attract people who are interested in tennis. If you post inappropriate content or picture, you will attract people who have inappropriate interest.s if you post jokes, photos or other content that conation sexual references you will probably attract people who are only interested in talking about sex. Be mindful of what you are communicating to the rest of the online world through the content you put onto the internet.
  • Be Leery of personal questions from strangers.
              Don’t continue communicating with strangers who ask you personal questions.
  • Don’t bullied into fights.
           People tend to say things online that they would never say in person.some people even say rude and malicious things, sometimes just to see if you will respond.Don’t respond to these people.
  • Don’t use adult sites.
  • Understand what you put online will be there forever.
                    Assume that everything you put online every email you write, every picture you post ,every blog or journal entry you post will be accessible on the internet FOREVER.many search engine copy internet page and save them for viewing even after the pages are no longer online.

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