How To Run Xp Software in Windows 7

If you have Important software that no longer runs under windows7 Then you Can Use Xp Mode. 

A virtual copy of Xp that runs in a window on your windows 7 Desktop.


But Problems is  as a Xp mode only works with the system that have Hardware Virtualization (AMD Or Intel VT) Built in and turned on.


If you have Compatible CPU then this may just be matter of enabling the option in your  BIOS set up program.


In some high profile Brands (Sony vaio,) Disable the setting for security reasons. and that blocks XP mode from working too.


one solution but It’s little risky as essentially you will have to alter a byte in you laptop firmware and hope this doesn’t have any unexpected side effects.


Don’t blame on me if wrong.

How To Run xp Software in Windows 7


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