What is your Mobile ?(not number)


Your Mobile, What is Mobile ? 

Everyone know My mobile has a Bluetooth ,Media player, Camera ,wi-fi, GPS, and lalalalblblbl.. but you know what is SIM , What is Bluetooth ? What is wifi ? yeak Everyone know ,

but yet ..I have something more.


  • Cell phones and PDAs are somewhat Similar but difference is they support one or more radio interfaces to cellular telecommunications network. they also have different heritages.
  • Early cell phones appeared in the U.S in 1978 when AT&T conducted field trials authorized by the federal communications commission in Chicago and Newark, new jersey.
  • The device had the size and weight of a brick and were limited to voice communications.
  • Now you know your mobile .


About Bluetooth

  •          Bluetooth is a Personal Area Network(PAN). (2.4 GHz range over short distance) . for a new versions its more

Secure your Bluetooth bluetooth

  • Authentication : to verify the identity of communicating devices, only devices that properly authenticate can engage in communications.( some people can use without authentication setting that can harm both your mobile and your privacy ).
  • Confidentiality : To prevent information exposure from eavesdropping only authorized devices can view data.


Pairing is the process that allows two Bluetooth devices to associate themselves with one another by generating shred link authentication key of use in future communications.


How Cell Phone can Communicate ?

Cellular provide coverage based on dividing a large geographical service area into smaller areas of coverage called cells.

As a mobile phone moves from one cell to another, a cellular arrangement requires active connections to be monitored and effectively passed along between cells to maintain the connection.


Types of Network


Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA)

Global System For Mobile Communication(GSM)


Time Division Multiple Access(TDMA).

Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN).

Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service (D-AMPS) .



What is SIM (Subscriber Identity Module)

In Mobile phones devices that interoperate with GSM cellular networks .Under The GSM framework , a Cellular phone is referred to as a mobile station and is partitioned into two distinct components . The Subscriber Identity Module(SIM) and the Mobile Equipment(ME).

Sim Photo    brando-unlocking-sim

As the name implies SIM is removable component that contains essential information about the subscriber including the subscriber's assigned international mobile subscriber (IMSI).The Me , the remaining Radio remaining radio handset portion, cannot function fully without one.


SIM ‘s main function entails authenticating the cell phones to the network to gain access to subscribed service to the user.

The SIM Also provide  storage for personal information, such as phone book entries and text messages, Services related information.


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