Windows Registry

For all the people using windows, The registry in windows is a central database of all configuration settings for most of the application’s installed on your computer.It is used by windows for string all its settings an by most windows applications. the windows registry allows one to configure many settings for windows and other application which are otherwise not accessible by any interface that the application provides.
Editing the windows registry is one of the most powerful ways of manipulating you system settings, which is something that makes it equally dangerous.It is minefield filled with often cryptic configuration parameters which usually affect your system in ways you won’t even notice. it can completely mess up your system in such a way that you are unable to even boot into windows .Modify the right hardware settings, and your hardware gets boost, modify the wrong one, and you end up with a non- booting system.

Before you set up to d anything with the registry.
  • If you are using the system restore /system protection feature in windows create a recovery point.
Common use of editing a registry is to remove applications from your startup sequence.Windows registry is like a virtual file system in which you have “keys” and values instead off folders and files.A key is reminiscent of a flolderina drive, a key can contain multiple name data pairs which can also be assigned a value the data in each name  data pair is typed, It can only contain data of certain type.The data type contain String binary,DWORD,QWORD, Expandable and string and Multi string .
Windows Registry

The windows  Registry in any recent OS will display the following 5 root key entries.

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