Ethical Hacking

Being a hacker does not mean being a delinquent.Nowadays,companies are hiring services from “ethical Hackers “ to detect vulnerabilities of their computer science system and therefore,improve their defense measures.
Ethical Hackers,with their knowledge,help to define the parameters of defense.They do “controlled” attacks,previously authorized by the organization, to verify the system’s defenses.they create groups to learn new attack techniques,exploitations and vulnerabilities, among others,They work as researchers for the security field.
Attack is the secret of defense;defense is the planning of attack  by Sun Tzu
Ethical hacking is divided in several Phases :
  • Attack Planning
  • Internet Access
  • Test and Execution of an attack
  • Gathering information
  • Analysis
  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Final Report.
Ethical Hackers use the OSSTMM methodology(open source security testing methodology manual).This methodology is for the testing of any security system,from guards and doors to mobile and satellite communications and satellites.
TCP/IP model
HTTP and The Web (Internet)


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