Attacks Though Commands

Command Channel Attacks

A command channel attack is one that directly attacks a particular service's server by sending
it commands in the same way it regularly receives them(down it command channel).

There are two Types of Command Channel Attacks

1.Attacks that exploit valid commands to do undesirable things

2.Attacks that send invalid commands and exploit server bugs ind dealing with invalid input.

Command Prompt CMD

Data Driven Attacks

A data driven attacks is one that involves the data transferred by a protocol, instead of the server
that implements it.

There are two types of data driven attacks
Blocking The Attacks

SSL Connection

1.Attacks that involve evil data
2.Attacks that compromise good data

Viruses transmitted in electronic mail messages are data driven attacks that involve evil data

Attack that steal credit card numbers in transit are data driven attack that compromise good data

Third Party Attacks

A third-party attack is one that doesn't involve the service you're intending to support at all but that uses the provisions you've made to support one service in order to attack a completely different one. For instance, if you allow inbound TCP connections to any port above 1024 in order to support some protocol, you are opening up a large number of opportunities for third-party attacks as people make inbound connections to completely different servers.

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