A Honeypot is a computer system,network,or virtual machine that serves no other purpose than to lure in hackers.

In a honeypot, there are no authorized users, no real data is stored in the system, no real work is Performed on it, so every access, every attempt to use it, can be identified as unauthorized. Instead of sifting through logs to identify intrusions, the system administrator knows  that every access is an intrusion, so a large part of the work is already done.

Types of Honeypots

There are two types of honeypots " Production and research"

Production : Honeypots are used primarily as warning systems.A production honeypots identifies an intrusion and generates an alarm.They can show you that an intruder has identified the system or network as an object of interest, but not much else,

Research : Honeypots are used to collect information about hacker's activities.  A research honeypots lures in hackers, then keeps them occupied while it quietly record their actions


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