EULA What’s this ?

You all Know computer viruses,Trojan horses,worms ,identity theft and phishing scams and you’re taking the necessary steps when using internet . however That item is the end user license agreement (EULA) covering the software you use.

These agreements themselves can’t harm you or your computer. In fact EULAs can do just the opposite they highlight things that can put you at risk. The harm comes from ignoring EULA’s and the subtle warnings they might contain.

        Ignoring EULAs can expose your computer to security risks.

        Ignoring EULAs can put your privacy at risk.

for instance A EULA might require you to allow the software publisher or third party to collect information about your internet activity in exchange for use of he software. This information could include not only the web sites you visit ,but also information you supply in online transactions .(name, address,credit card number etc)

Careful read and understating EULA covering software before you install it, you can make an informed decision.


What is EULA ?


A EULA is a legal contact between you and the software publisher.It spell out the terms and conditions for using the software.

it might say you can only install the software on one computer for your personal use.

However , it might also say that by using the software you agree to third party monitoring or allowing other user to access parts of your computer.

Eula Agreement Details

For more Free Download  EULA.pdf


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