1080i, 1080p ,720p

So, what you think above title ,some little bit or more I guess  What are this , so it ‘s shorten name for a combination of frame resolutions,scan type for high definition television and video ,

The term 1080i (1920*1080) assumes a display ratio of 16:9 widescreen where i stand for Interlaced video 

Interlaced video can double perceived frame rate with the co

composite video signal used with the analog television .simple what is this it can enhance motion perception and reduce flicker by persistence of vision effect.


720p refers to a progressive HDTV signal . (1280*720)

720 stands for the 720 horizontal scan lines of images  resolution.

P stands for Progressive scan 


same as 720p but difference , Resolution 1080(1920*1080) horizontal lines of vertical and progressive scan and not interlaced in the case 1080i display standard.

and like marketing materials like FULL HD .


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