What is Hacking ?

Hacking is often portrayed to Many Things its is not .This could be farther from the truth.The act of remotely accessing someone's computer to steal their private files would be Hacking.
OK, I Will Tell you what it  is , A Person withdrawing money from an ATM using their card . A Person withdrawing money from an ATM using someone Else's card
without their permission is a thief. A person hacking into a computer to test its security is a hacker who is a security expert, A person hacking into a computer to steal passwords is a criminal And the person is accordingly labeled a "Security expert" or "Criminal" ,but he is a hacker nonetheless.

A computer hacker is one who is curious about the working of computers  and
software.While many people are happy treating their computer like black box.

Now who is hacker ? Don't like the way windows names shortcuts, hack the registry and change the way it works.Windows may not provide the facility to do this, but that is no reason for us to be limited to the way it works.Hacking constitutes a mind set, not a skilled test.

We say Windows lot now Linux ? fact is Linux is much easier to hack then windows, Yes Linux is much easier to hack than windows,but it is also considered more secure.When you look at hacking from the larger-sense perspective of messing with as system out of curiosity,Linux allow you to do more.Linux is intentionally hack-able allowing each and every parameter to be changed by the user.You can create unique combination of application sets and features that the distribution creators never envisioned.With Linux you have access to nearly all the source code of the system on the other hand one would need to use third party tools,patch binaries change undocumented registry settings, and even then the level of stabilizability would be much less.


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