A Proxy Server?

How/What is a Proxy Server?
Microsoft® Proxy Server 2.0 MCSE Study System
A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you are accessing. The data you request come to the proxy first, and only then it transmits the data to you. I know many are looking for IP Maskers or Scramblers, but honestly, it aint real easy for the simple fact that any website that you visit needs your IP to send the info packets too. If its scrambled, you will get alot of errors and crazy redirects :P My solution? Read on........... for a good list of Proxy servers try here>>Multiproxy
Proxy Server 2.0 [Old Version]MCSE: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0
HTTP and The Web (Internet)
Anonymity of Proxy Server

Deep Proxy View

Annonymity Of Proxy 2


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