What is BitLocker Drive in Windows 7

so , simple BitLocker to protect all files stored on removable data drives (Include Externals and internal Drives).It is Encryption programs  to protect all files stored on the drive .

it will help you from Hackers.

you can say that it will block hackers from accessing the file system files .

how Bit locker can Work ?

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When you add new files to a drive that is encrypted with Bitlocker, BitLoker encrypts them automatically .

Files remain encrypted only while they are stored in in the encrypted drive.

Files copied to another drive or computer are decrypted .

if you share files with other users, such as through a network, these files are encrypted while stored on the encrypted drive.but can be accessed normally by authored users.

To turn on bitlocker

Go to Control panel > click on > Bitlocker icon > and turn on /off what ‘s your choice


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