Intel Original And Chipset Motherboard

A chip set is a group of integrated circuits that can be used together to serve a single function.
A chipset usually contains several controllers that govern how information travels between the processor and other components.

so ,if we think we can
Intel DP55WG 1
An original motherboard the entire product is manufactured by Intel. the circuit board and the IC’s which are on it.
Which one is better Intel original or Chipset motherboard ?
and chip set ‘it means some other company (mercury,asuas, D-link  etc ) has designed and made the circuit board but has used the chipset provided by INTEL.
buying a chipset board is always compromise. some are good but..third party .

In an original motherboard entire products is manufactured by INTEL.Everything.

Intel original and chipset .in Intel chipset Intel makes only PCB and BIOS of the motherboard and gives to SYS,VIA or etc. vendors.
While Intel Original boards are prepared in Intel company will all other accessories

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