Linux ?

So, Linux is Operating system , Simple just like Dos,windows OS X   and Etc.
Operating system is what makes the hardware work together with the software.

Linux gives you a graphical interface that makes it easy to use your computer, It is only the Kernel that is named LINUX,The rest of the OS are GNU tools. some Variants Distribution  Mandrake,SUSE Linux,Gentoo and Redhat .

Linux is made with one thought in mind Everything is a File.
A file is an element of data storage in a file system .File usually stored in hard drives,CD-ROMs and other media. but may also be stored in RAM or links to devices.

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Organizing Our files into a system we use Folders. The lowest Possible folder is Root/ where you will find the user homes called /home/


Files system Lowest folder root/ contains the following folders.

/bin          Essential user command binaries (for use by all users)

/boot       Static files of the boot loader,only used at system startup.

/dev         Device files,links to your hardware \nj\sound\,       /nj/input/js0(joystic).

/etc          Host specific system configuration.

/home    user home directories.Your personal files.

/lib         Essentail shared libraries and kernel modules.

/mnt     mount point for a temporarily mounted file system like      /mnt/cdrom

/opt       add on software pakages

The only folder a normal user need to use is /home/nj/  ……. this is where you keeping all your files/documents.


/home/nj/Music/Michal Jackson

Files are case sensitive ,   if  “myMusic” and   “Mymusic” are two different files

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