Telnet Commands in Windows 7


Command for Telnet Clients.

  1. open or o  : Establish a telnet connection with host computer or server.Ex. o nj44 .
  2. close or c  : close an existing telnet connection.(It can be combined with host  name and port number). c nj44.
  3. display : View the current setting for Telnet clients.
  4. quit or q :  Exit from Telnet.
  5. set : Setting the terminal type for the connection. turn on local echo,set authentication to NTLM,Set the escape character, and set up logging.
  6. unset : Turn  off local echo or set authentication for the logon or password prompt.
  7. status : Determine whether telnet client is connected.
  8. Ctrl + ] : Move to the Telnet command prompt from a connected session.
  9. Enter : Go to the connected Session .
  10. ? /help : help information.


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