So Android

The Topic Android ,  , Flexible but Something more than the Word : but not The Name of OS Can Tell


I am sure that 6 out of 10 can use android phone. Some has Branded Phone and some have some Chinese Company's Phone .

whatever , Suitable on There Budget. Most of the people in this world can use Android Phone.

Using My Own experience. I Found something After And Before Android 

 When i Hang Out with Friends.

Some Friend  Talk like." What is Torrent.","How I download Song","What is RAM","Hard Disk"," ETC..."

Friends like that are not computer guy . just local guy . but now the story is changed ..

Now They talk about  RAM, HARD DISK, MEMORY, MEMORY CLASS, just talking about mobile and mobile..

using Whatsup , Google , Games , and other . They Forgot the Life without Mobile too.

They only play mobile games. no physical Activity .

Some of Them has a Attitude one There Face. I got more than other . I don't now what they but The point the score in Game. stage they pass.

If something they found and pass it on what-sup he/she is broadcaster and talk about it everywhere. also the receiver can talk about it.

They Forgot the Original Life. For Small Things They are Using Mobile.

Before it. If 5 friend Together Environment is noise. ha ha ha , $$$3337766, and lots of talk ,

But Now, same 5 Friend but Silence. Face And Mobile Screen.


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