How To Secure Your Wifi Connection!

Hello Friends,
                     I am posting this bcoz some losser who hacked open Wifi connection and email from there to claim bomb blast which happned in Varanasi, India.
                     many company and home users uses the wifi connection to access Internet. But they don't secure their wifi connections & Reason  is just ignorance. Beware hackers are in their way. I've some idea to secure ur wifi connection.

step 1:
             Go to your wifi device setup. normally its ip address is

step 2:
             Go to the wireless settings and find security tab.
step 3:
              There You'll see WEP encryption setting.. make it Enable.
step 4:
              Make Encryption strength 128-bit
              give a Network Key. It should be at least 10 cherector long. (i.e: 21gl@di@tor12)
Network key is like a password to your wifi connection. when ever you want to access the Internet you'll need it.
                 so like password keep it secret.
                 give a strong password ....

now how to give a strong password? I'll show you in my next post.

Till then enjoy.


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