Web Application Problems

Common web application problems are classified below 
  • Authentication  These are the identification and authorization mechanisms used to be certain that the person or computer using  the web application is the correct person to be using it .

  • Non-Repudiation  : A record that proves that the data sent to or from the web application was really sent and where.
  • Confidentiality :   A way to assure that communication with the web application cannot be listened in on by another person.
  • Privacy : A Way to assure that the way you contact and communicate with the web application cannot be per-determined by another person. 
  • Indemnification :These are ways to assure that the web application has legal protection or at the least, can be financially protected with insurance.
  • Integrity : This is a record of the validity of the communication with the web application to assure that what is sent and then received by the other is the same thing and if it changed, both the web pplication
    and the user have a record of the change.



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