Build A Strong Password

The best passwords:
    • Cannot be found in a dictionary
    • Contain numbers,letters and those odd swear symbols on top of the numbers
    • Contain upper and lower case letters
    • The Longer the “Stronger”.

With a 2 letter password, and 26 letters in the alphabet,plus 10 numbers there are 236 possible combination(687,000,000) possibilities. Increase the password length to 8 characters, and there are 836 combination . You can calculate how many combination of 8 characters.(324 *100000000000)
There are many password generators available on the Internet,but these will generate a nearly impossible to remember password.
Try to use strings of letters or numbers that you can easily recall.
Goliw3b!(goli with 3 bears!)
SlS8w30(shirt (size) L ,souse size 8,pant west 30)


Wolf - 150 x 150