Proxy methods for Web Application Manipulation

There are several steps that can be taken to protecting your server. These include ensuring
that your software is always updated and patched with any security updates that are
available from the manufacturer. This includes ensuring that your OS and web servers are
updates as well. In addition, Firewalls and Intrusion detections systems can help protect your
server, as discussed


Firewalls originally were fireproof walls used as barriers to prevent fire from spreading, such as
between apartment units within a building. The same term is used for systems (hardware and
software) that seeks to prevent unauthorized access of an organization's information. Firewalls
are like security guards that, based on certain rules, allow or deny access to/from traffic that
enters or leaves an organization (home) system. They are important systems safe guards that
seek to prevent an organization’s system from being attacked by internal or external users. It is
the first and most important security gate between external and internal systems.
Firewalls are generally placed between the Internet and an organization’s information system.
The firewall administrator configures the firewall with rules allowing or denying information
packets from entering into or leaving the organization.
The rules are made using a combination of Internet Protocol (IP) address and Ports; such rules
are made depending on the organization needs e.g. in a school, students are allowed in
based on identity card.
The rule to the security guard in a school would be to allow all persons that carry a valid
identity card and deny everyone else. However the security guard would have another rule
for exiting from the school; the rule would be to allow everyone exit except small children
unless accompanied by adults. A similar system is followed for firewall configuration
depending on the nature of the organization, the criticality of information asset, cost of
security, security policy and risk assessment.
The firewall just like a security guard cannot judge the contents of the information packet; just
like the guard allows all persons with a valid identity card irrespective of nature of the persons,
firewall allows entry or exit based mainly on IP address and Port numbers. Hence an entry or
exit is possible by masking IP address or Port. To mitigate this risk, organizations use Intrusion
Detection System, which is explained in the next section.
There are various kinds of firewall depending on the features that it has viz. packet filter
(operates on IP packets), stateful firewall (operates based connection state) or application
firewall (using proxy).
Example of a firewall rule could be: Block inbound TCP address from port 135.
(An imaginary example); such rule would tell a computer connected to Internet to block any
traffic originating from the computer with an IP address using Port 135.
Important activities relating to firewalls are initial configuration (creating initial rules), system
maintenance (additions or change in environment), review of audit logs, acting on alarms
and configuration testing.More


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