Whats your password? (article on password safely)

Hello friends
        I am back with the new tutorial on Password safety.

Now what is password safety bcoz this word known as a safety object itself.

But our passwords need safety bcoz its a straight-a-way key to your personal files or data.

so, here we go with some tricks and tips for you to keep your password safe.

Choice of your Password

          First and the most important step is choosing your password.
          some tips to be remembered before you select a password.

Your Password should not :-
  • be your Name, Last Name.
  • be your birth date, cell / car/bike registration number or library card number.
  • be a dictionary word.
  • be one of your favourite celebrity, movie or book/author/character name.
  • be less then 8(eight) character.
  • be any of your owns name.(i.e. name of your own house,car/bike,piano,company etc)
  • be any well known company/brand/website name.
  • be lucky number(i.e 786,13,007 etc).
  • follow any perticulare pattern or series.(i.e. 11aa22bbcc, 123456,1111,3333 etc)
Giving strength to your password
  • your password should contain Alphabets (lower and upper case), digits and symbols (i.e: a-z,A-Z,0-9,~!@#$%&* etc)
  • For example: $p@3pU#
Precautionary suggestions
  • Never disclose your password to anybody.
  • Never write your password anywhere, if though necessary write it in a way which is reachable to you only.
  • Use different passwords for different accounts.
  • Never mention you password and ID on Networking site.
  • Never choose "Remember my Password" option anywhere.
  • Always use on-screen keyboard to type your password if available.
  • Never use cyber cafe to access online baking.
  • In case you use cyber cafe, befor leaving the pc do not forget to delet cookies and history files shown as in image below.
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