Optimize Window7 Storage

You Installed windows 7 as an upgrade from windows vista, you will find a folder C:\windows.old. this folder, as you might expect, holds the full contents of your old windows vista system.It’s huge and waste of space.Scroll though the folders for any files that you want to save in your new windows 7 OS, and then delete the entire folder from your drive.
For Multiple Hard Drive, you can boost performance by moving the location of the system’s paging file from the drive containing the C:\partition to a separate hard drive. to do that
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  • Open Control Panel
  • Choose System.
  • From There Click Advanced system Settings.
  • Select Advance Tab and then click the settings button Under the performance category.
  • New windows that pops up, choose the advanced tab.
  • click change,uncheck the box labeled automatically manage paging file size for all drives.
  • Select C:\  From the Drive box and switch it to the No paging file option.
  • Next select a different hard drive and choose system Managed size.
  • Click Ok and Restart your computer.
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