Best Window 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Win + h        Move current window to full screen.

  • Win + i         Restore current full screen window to normal size or minimize current window if     not full screen.

  • Win + Shift + Arrow    Move Current window to alternate screen.

  • Win + D                      Minimize all the windows and show the desktop

  • Win  + E                      Launch Explorer with computer as the focus

  • Win + F                       Launch the search window.

  • Win + G                      Cycle through gadgets.

  • Win + L                       Lock the desktop.

  • Win + M                     Minimize the current window.

  • Wind +  R                   Open the run window.

  • Win + T                      Cycle through task bar opening Aero pek for each running item.

  • Win + U                     Open the ease of the center.

  • Win + Space              Aero peek the desktop.

  • Ctrl + Win + Tab       Open persistent task selection window,roll mouse over each icon to preview item and minimize others.

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